Treasury Board

The Treasury Board is a policy board in the executive branch of the State government established under Section 2.2-2416 of the Code of Virginia. The Government Non-Arbitrage Investment  Act empowers the Treasury Board, among other things, (i) to provide assistance to Issuers in the management of and accounting for their funds, including, without limitation, bond proceeds, and the investment thereof, any portion of the investment earnings on which is or may be subject to rebate to the federal government, (ii) to establish one or more pools of their bond proceeds and other funds for investment and reinvestment in authorized investments, and (iii) to enter into contracts with independent investment managers, accountants, counsel, depository institutions and other advisors and agents and with Issuers with respect to the provision of investment and related services and advice.

Members of the Virginia Treasury Board include:

 Treasury Board
Manju Ganeriwala, Chairwoman
State Treasurer
David A. Von Moll
State Comptroller
Craig M. Burns
Tax Commissioner
Neil Amin
Gubernatorial Appointee
Douglas W. Densmore
Gubernatorial Appointee
James Carney
Gubernatorial Appointee
Luis R. Mejia
Gubernatorial Appointee


For more information about the Treasury Board or the Virginia Department of Treasury please visit 

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